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Walkabout Scotland Environmental policy
We have always tried to treat all the areas visited on our tours with the minimum possible amount of environmental pressure. We don't admit to having all the answers but Walkabout Scotland has always been about a low-impact form of tourism:
  • By having small group sizes (max 8) our impact on the environment and local population is kept as minimal as possible.
  • We avoid single use plastic bottles where possible.
  • We support local traders by using locally owned accommodation, cafes and restaurants where possible.
  • We try to ensure that our tour transport fits the group size.
  • We encourage travel to and from Edinburgh by train where possible.
  • We try to avoid inner city Edinburgh car journeys where possible, use recycled stationery when we have to.
  • We pick litter up on our walks if safe to do so and take part in clean-up events.

Suggestions for improvement are welcome.

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