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Take The Wild Way Up Ben Nevis

Ben Nevis walking trips

For most visitors to Ben Nevis, it is enough simply to get to the top of Britain’s highest peak. To top out at 4,412 ft at all is certainly worthy of the T-shirt and a few boasts back home, of that there is no doubt.

However, to many mountain lovers the traditional Mountain Track via Lochan Meall an t-Suidhe with its plethora of zizags can seem a bit sterile; a long slog. It used to be known as the Tourist Route, although this was changed because that encouraged unprepared walkers to take on a trek that still Hs plenty of dangers. Even so, many will prefer an alternative.

The good news is Ben Nevis walking trips need not be restricted to this route. Of course, rock climbers will always be heading for the north face with their ropes and ice axes – even in summer there will be snowfields and cornices – but for other walkers, the CMD Arete is a wonderful option.

Taking its abbreviated name from Carn Mor Dearg, itself a Munro of 4,004 in height – the ninth tallest in Britain – the route offers a magnificent ridge walk around the rim of Coire Leis before approaching the summit plateau of Ben Nevis from the north-east.

This is not just another way up the mountain and a more scenic and challenging one that that, though it is those things; it is also one of the classic exposed mountain ridges, the sort daring scramblers will want to tick off like the Aonach Eagach in Glencoe, Crib Goch on Snowdon or Striding Edge in the English Lake District. It is an iconic way up Britain’s number one peak.

Sadly, there doesn’t seem to be a specific T-shirt for climbing Ben Nevis by this route. But it is undoubtedly more rewarding, helps add another Munro to the tick list and is the one you can really boast about in the pub when you’re talking to someone who actually knows about mountains.